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No. This applies to any UNC connection – either direct or mapped / mounted. Unfortunately this is not allowed from within an Adobe AIR application. All backups must be located on a local hard disk.

The bulk load CSV import template is located on the download page just under where you download the software installers of the application

Yes. Affiliates can signup here –

Just a Home Directory backup, which everything in it you need, files, email, etc. It’s just missing the databases and email filter setup files. Which Backup Smart can download for you if you choose.

The FULL cPanel Backup is just the Home Directory backup with databases, and email filters added into the one file.

Using the MAC separated menus is not currently setup on Backup Smart. However you can minimise the Backup Smart application window and that provides the same sort of solution. The Backup Smart icon will sit down in the current application tray.

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You can easily do this yourself and instantly via the online serial license reset form (follow that link).

cPanel Version 11.2x and above now has new features that when enabled may cause this issue.

Backup Smart has been upgraded to cater for the cPanel changes.

Something to try to isolate the issue – if you have access to WHM then you can try this yourself, otherwise you will have to contact your web hosting provider, and they may make the change for you.

Under WHM : Server : Tweak Settings, check if this feature is active and disable it temporarily to see if that helps allow Backup Smart to login to your account.

“Disable Http Authentication for cPanel/WebMail/WHM Logins (forces cookie authentication.) This will help prevent certain types of XSRF attacks that rely on cached Http Auth credentials.”

If you have tried this and still have issue please contact support.

Two things to check here.

1) Did you enter in your SMTP server, SMTP username and password correctly, and then click on the test email button to send yourself a test email. Check to make sure this email is delivered to validate your test.

2) Make sure to check in your junk or spam folder of your email client. Your email service provider may be incorrectly marking the emails as a false positive on the spam or junk filters, and you never get to see them.

I’ve tested accounts with Gmail and they work fine, so as a final resort you should test sending your scheduling results to a Gmail account.

Backup Smart will download the whole compressed .GZ file (which will turn a large text database into a much smaller file), just like you would do from cPanel manually. If you only need to restore a few rows of the database instead of the whole lot then this is a manual process and is achievable by extracting the SQL from the archive you have and using a text editor to copy the SQL that you need into your phpMyAdmin. Submit a support ticket if you need a hand with this scenario.

You need to enter in your ISP SMTP settings or any other SMTP server that you have access to. For example the SMTP server would be (an ISP in Australia) with your ISP login username and password. Or you could use your own web hosting accounts SMTP server which varies and is dependent on your web hosting provider. Check out the help videos for more info on this.

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Backup Smart runs under Adobe AIR, which is a FREE cross platform software that allows applications to operate under multiple platforms e.g Windows, Apple, Linux. If you don’t have Adobe AIR installed the Backup Smart website installer will install it for you. However if you need to install Adobe AIR directly before installing Backup Smart then download it from here.

You are referring to parked / and add on domains within the one cPanel account. These are not separate within your cPanel account – so this is not possible. Backup Smart simply automates the process of downloading the home directory backup from within cPanel. As such it’s all files. The databases which are separate downloads are also an all or nothing download.

When you notice something like this, you need to check to see if you get the same results as Backup Smart does. Go into your cPanel website manually, then go to the backup page, then download the home directory backup. Use a software called WinRAR to open the .tar.gz archives to compare the file you downloaded manually and the one Backup Smart downloaded.

If the contents are the same then your hosting provider is limiting your backups and you should contact them and ask why and possibly find another host.

If the contents are different then you should contact support

If your home directory backup is larger than 5GB – cPanel itself can’t guarantee that you’ll get all the download so talk with support if you are in this situation.

Yes that’s correct, however you need to make sure the host/server your moving to has the same or higher version of CPANEL to work correctly.